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26th April 2019

As promised in last week’s issue of All Stitched Up! #182 HERE, this week we’re sharing more of your responses as we continue the much-debated needlework topic of whether to knot or not to knot… 

Christine Harris

‘I will never forget being told by an RSN tutor that Americans worry too much about the back of their work! Since then, I have used knots anytime I can back my work with a thin batting before finishing. One less thing to excruciate over.’


‘You are correct that each embroiderer, piece and circumstance is individual, but I always feel neater and more in control with a waste knot. I started my embroidery exploration with gross point in wool and cotton and, to control the tension, I have found that the waste knot was a great help. When I add hand stitches to quilting or appliqué, a buried knot helps ensure that my stitches will not unravel. So far, so good!’

Lani Smith

‘While I do approve of perfection, it is not always easy to achieve! As long as the back looks neat, whatever method you prefer will work. For myself, I have learned to make super tiny knots that are practically invisible but just add that little bit extra bit of security to my stitching.’

Susan Cheyney

‘Great article! You are highly respected in the needlework community and it’s so nice to have a sensible article written about whether to knot or not. Thank you.’


‘One other consideration has to be the purpose of the project. Clothing that will be laundered needs knots to survive the washing process!’

Again, we thank everyone for joining in on the conversation and hope we’ve helped you resolve the age-old dilemma of whether to knot or not to knot once and for all!

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