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29th March 2019

In All Stitched Up! #176 HERE we shared Anne Lockett’s conversation as she was looking to be pointed in the direction of a needlework shop or two while she’s in Switzerland in just a couple of months’ time. Well, point you did, and Anne, it looks like from the suggestions below that your time in Switzerland just got a whole lot busier!

Marlous Craane | ‘I don’t know where in Switzerland Anne is traveling, but there is an amazing needlecraft shop in Geneva called Mercerie Catherine B | Rue de la Cité 17 1204 Geneva. It is a lovely little shop with a large range of needlecraft goodies and friendly staff. We were on holiday in the French Alps in May last year and when we visited Geneva on a day trip, I discovered this shop. We went back for a second visit that same week just so I could see the shop again! Best wishes, Marlous.’

Mercerie Catherine B

Carole Van de Velde | ‘A few years ago I was in St Gallen and having some time to wait for a train, I visited The Museum of Textiles and Library in St Gallen Textilmuseum St Gallen | Vadianstrasse 2 9000 St Gallen. The museum is very interesting with samples of beautiful Swiss Embroidery. There was also a lady sitting demonstrating her sewing. I do Goldwork Embroidery and came across a darkened room with some very old pieces of embroidered clothing one of which was a Bishops Cape from London that was fantastic! They also have a library filled with books of old patterns which unfortunately was closed whilst I was there. Hope this helps, Carole.’

Textilmuseum St Gallen

Mary Rose Lovey | ‘Switzerland has a long history in textiles and apart from the very interesting textile museum in St Gallen there is another just over the border in Mulhouse, France – Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes (Museum of Printed Textiles) | 14 Rue Jean Jacques Henner 68100 Mulhouse France. Happy travels! Mary Rose Lovey.’

Anna Haendel | ‘In response to Anne’s enquiry, I too would recommend the textile museum in St Gallen. It is near the Appenzelle region where they do the amazing Appenzelle Whitework Embroidery! Wishing Anne a happy trip to Switzerland, Anna Haendel.’

Margrit Bleiker | ‘At the two following stores you can buy a lot of different threads for stitching – Zürcher Stalder AG | Gewerbestrasse 9 3421 Lyssach and Bopp Intérieur AG |Poststrasse 1 8001 Zürich. I wish you very nice and interesting travels to Switzerland. With kind regards, Margrit.’

To everyone who answered Anne’s call for help, we thank you – as always, the Inspirations Community is a wealth of information!

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