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5th October 2018

As the Inspirations team are busy conversing with the attendees at Beating Around the Bush, we thought we’d share some of the many conversations that the All Stitched Up! Community have started or continued recently…

Anne Clohessy

‘I will be holidaying in Cape Town next year and would very much like a list of embroidery and/or fabric shops in the vicinity. I’ve not been very lucky in finding anything online and hope someone can point me in the right direction.’

If you’re able to point Anne in the direction of a needlework shop or two for her upcoming trip to Cape Town, we know she’d love to hear from you! Email news@inspirationsstudios.com and we’ll make sure we pass the information onto her.

Margo Steley | Australia

‘I am sending these photographs of the work of an unknown artist because the work is just so beautiful. I purchased this piece at an antique market.’

‘It was a little soiled and very inexpensive. I believe it may have been made by an elderly lady who no longer embroiders, but it saddens me to not know the maker.’

‘The work was a little dusty and stained, but I have had the piece dry cleaned by a thoughtful and friendly dry cleaner and framed by a professional framing service. There is detail on the rear of the piece which I asked the framer to ensure could still be seen (image below right) and I am very happy with the result.’

‘I suppose it may be a little strange to be sending someone else’s work, but the quality of the piece is so fine that I thought it would be of interest. The finished size is approximately 33cm x 23cm (13” x 9”). It would be wonderful if someone recognised the work and could tell me the name of the embroiderer so that she would know that it has found a good and appreciative home. I can only aspire to such exquisite embroidery!’

Margo, this piece of stitching has absolutely found a most appreciative home! Whoever poured their time and talent into it couldn’t have asked for more. We appreciate you taking the time to conserve and display a piece of needlework history and for sharing it with us.

Ingeborg | Netherlands

‘I was browsing through your newsletter and your story about needlework podcasts in issue #153 (HERE) got me thinking – does the Inspirations Community know about the Flosstube Community?!’

‘It’s a little corner of YouTube where needle workers post videos about stitching. Most people post videos with the word ‘Flosstube’ in the title and share projects they are working on, new found designers, tips on where to find supplies and reports of visits to needlework stores.

It has been going on for quite some years and the community had been gaining momentum in the last year or two. I know several ‘flosstubers’ from Australia and New Zealand and I’m sure you’ll find the bigger channels if you search for ‘flosstube’ within YouTube.’

Also, besides the podcast mentioned in your newsletter, there is ‘Fibertalk’, a twice weekly podcast by Gary and Christine. You can find them at www.wetalkfiber.com.

Needlework is so often considered a solitary hobby, but magazines and newsletters like yours are making it possible for stitchers to connect with other stitchers all over the world and find their tribe.’

Ingeborg, we thank you for continuing the conversation we started and for sharing what you know with the Inspirations Community. Our readers truly are a wealth of knowledge!

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