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7th September 2018

This week we unpack myriad conversations that have been inspired by articles featured in recent issues of All Stitched Up…

Issue #132 | Extreme Knitting

‘Your article inspired me to click on the link to micro-knitter Althea Crome’s website. To my surprise, I discovered that Althea lives in Bloomington, Indiana, only a few hours’ drive from where I live. Even better, she was going to be exhibiting her work at ‘Chicago International: The World’s Most Prestigious International Miniatures Event’. This huge annual expo of miniatures artisanship was to be held at a hotel only 2 rapid-transit train stops from my house. I was determined to attend this event and meet Ms. Crome and I did!’

Louise meeting Althea Crome (left)

‘Althea explained that this knitting, done with fine silk and cotton thread, is the only needlework she does. She started 17 years ago and mentioned that her first efforts were not so good, which just goes to show that practise does indeed make perfect! Her knitted items are truly museum-quality, and in fact, a pair of Althea’s micro-knitted gloves can be seen in one of the miniature Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute in the winter months. Thank you, All Stitched Up!, for enabling me to meet a fiber artist of this caliber. Louise, USA.’

Issue #142 | Roses & Old Lace

‘Just a quick, little addition to Alison Cole’s Featured Project article – the provincial flower of Alberta is the Wild Rose (Rosa Acicularis), not just any rose! Heather, Canada.’

Image courtesy of Peter M Dziuk

Issue #143 | Embroidery as Rehabilitation after WWI

‘This was a therapy kit that was distributed through the hospitals to the Armed Forces in World War II in England to help with recuperation. My mother never started it so I decided it would be a good project after going through my ‘Things to do Box.’ I changed the colours slightly to suit my decor and am thrilled with the result. So, after 75 years and some major international travel it has finally found its forever home! Deb, Australia’

Issue #148 | Snape Maltings Exhibition

‘I have just read through your newsletter and saw the advertisement for the Snape Maltings Exhibition, which I visited yesterday with a friend. We don’t get many outings due to work and family commitments but having previously seen this exhibition mentioned in a UK stitching magazine we made a point of making sure we could go. It was not our first visit to Snape as we went to a mixed media exhibition there last year which included embroidery and textiles. It is a lovely setting on the river with old buildings carefully restored.’

‘I was able to pick the brains of one of the ladies whose work was exhibited, buy some pieces of fabric (something that has to be done) and followed this up with a very good lunch at the onsite pub and then, because we were only ten minutes away, drove on to Aldburgh for an ice cream and sat on the sea front for half an hour before turning round and heading for home thoroughly refreshed.

I love your magazine as much for the articles, particularly those about groups of women who use their embroidery skills to improve the lives of themselves and their families in the most hostile conditions imaginable, as the exquisite embroidery projects.

My own interest/enthusiasm for handicrafts began before I started school as my paternal grandmother had endless patience and taught me to knit and crochet, and my mother embroidered (we had crinoline ladies on cushion covers) and used a sewing machine. Cross Stitch was my only embroidery stitch until I saw your magazine on a newsagent’s shelf. That particular issue had a small ‘taster’ project of a posy of flowers which was just the right size for a beginner and I was hooked! Keep up the good work, I always eagerly await the next issue. Ann, UK.’

Louise, Heather, Deb and Ann, we appreciate each of you being part of the Inspirations ‘family’ and for joining in on the conversation!

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