Gumnut & Pipers Sample Thread Packs

15th April 2022

Who loves trying out new threads? If you’re anything like us, every time you see different types of threads in new colours, you get that little burst of excitement as you consider all of the possibilities they offer. So that you can share the excitement with us, we’ve got some new sample packs available to get those creative juices flowing.

Pipers Silks are super fine floss silks in a huge array of shimmering colours. They are ideal for silk shading embroidery but are so gorgeous to stitch with that you can use them in whatever technique you wish. 

We have a sample pack available with 16 stunning skeins of Pipers Silks threads. Each skein contains 80 metres of fine silk with the colours ranging from snow white through to deep purple.

You’ll be dazzled by the shine and thrilled by the smooth feel of this thread, which really is a joy to stitch with.

We also have a generous sized sample pack available from Gumnut Yarns.  Gumnut Yarns are an Australian thread maker who specialise in hand-dyed silks and super-fine wools in exquisite, shaded colours.

Included in the pack are the following:

> 1 x skein of Gumnut Buds in navy blue. Gumnut Buds are hand-dyed perlé silk threads.

>3 x skeins of Gumnut Stars in pink, burgundy and blue. Gumnut Stars are fine stranded silks.

>6 x skeins of Gumnut Poppies in navy blue and a range of greens. Gumnut Poppies are a luxuriously fine silk/wool blend.

>14 x skeins of Gumnut Daisies in various greens, blues, greys and pinks. Gumnut Daisies are super fine wool threads.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with these two fantastic sample packs. We’ve said it before, but you can never have too many threads, so why not add Pipers Silks and Gumnut Yarns threads to your collection and just see what you can create.

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