18th December 2020

Well, here we are, the final All Stitched Up! for 2020.

A lot unfolds within the 365 days of any given year. However, this year has seen more unfold than most. 

At the onset of the year, All Stitched Up! issue #218 explored the idea of Vision and in part unpacked the concept of hindsight being 20/20 which means it’s often easier for us to be knowledgeable about an event after it’s happened.

Whilst the uncertainty of COVID-19 is anything but behind us, I think we’d all have to admit we’re a lot more knowledgeable about Coronavirus than we ever thought possible or necessary!

As we look back over the year, hindsight has helped us to realise just how much we’ve learned from the challenges 2020 has thrown our way. Of the many things this year has taught us afresh, adaptability, patience and resilience are but a few that come to mind here at Inspirations HQ. Beyond these, however, we’ve developed a new appreciation for gratefulness.

No matter what the year threw our way, we realised that if we took the time to count our blessings, however small they seemed at the time, the sense of gratitude they brought about helped us navigate the uncertainty before us with both balance and grace.

And so, we close the year feeling incredibly grateful.

Grateful for those who have taken the time to join us each week to read the words penned within this newsletter, grateful for your patience and understanding when the delays with supply and postage have been well beyond what we initially anticipated, and grateful for those who took to needle and thread to help them navigate the uncertainty of 2020.

No matter what the New Year brings our way, we plan to continue to count our blessings both big and small and hope you’ll join us as we strive to remain grateful through life’s inevitable ups and downs.

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