Giant Crocheted Lace

2nd July 2021

Crochet often makes you think of fawn-coloured doilies or thick baby blankets, but the lace-like structure of crochet is something that makes it unique. Choi+Shine Architects have embraced the ethereal nature of the craft and have become renowned for designing large scale art installations made exclusively out of crochet.

These beautiful pieces have appeared all over the world, from Scottsdale, Arizona in the USA to Liverpool in the UK. Designed particularly to capture the light, the artworks appear lacy and airy and harmonise beautifully in the vast array of settings they have been installed in to date.

The Urchins series is one that really takes your breath away. Each crocheted urchin is gigantic yet appears as if it might dissolve at the slightest breath of wind. It is no wonder the work of this incredible team enjoys international acclaim

If you’d like to see more of the amazing work of Choi+Shine Architects, you can check out their website HERE.

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