Getting Creative with Knots

14th October 2022

It’s probably fair to say that if you are reading this newsletter you have some skills in needlework. You can probably thread a needle and start to lay down some stitches, good, bad or otherwise.

This means you are also highly likely to have abilities in other artistic disciplines. Some even say, the more diverse you are in your application of creative arts, the better you become at mastering each of them.

How about knots – are you any good at them?

If you are yet to try your hand at this little craft known as macrame, you might just find you are not only very good at it, you may even really enjoy it!

Sometimes referred to as the art of tying knots in patterns, we have three macrame kits worth considering.

Projects range from a pot plant holder, a wall hanging through to a table mat, and each kit includes everything you need to create a finished product.

Beginner friendly and embroiderer friendly, these macrame kits offer a little something for everyone.

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