Gardens in a Teacup

19th March 2021

You’ve heard of the saying ‘a storm in a teacup’, but you’ve probably never imagined a garden in a teacup. Sounds delightful? This whimsical idea is precisely what Moscow-based embroiderer and previous Inspirations magazine contributor, Rosa Andreeva, has created in silk and beads.

Worked on hand-dyed fabrics, and created using a huge variety of stitches, silks and beads, Rosa fills chipped teacups with glorious, textured blooms and nestles them on surfaces so glittery and tactile you could imagine them coming straight from a fairy wonderland.

The artist’s incredible eye for nature can be seen throughout all of her work, that you can marvel over at her Instagram account HERE or for further reading about Rosa, check out this fabulous article by Grace Ebert at the website Colossal HERE

And if you’ve been utterly charmed by embroidery in teacups, you’re certain to enjoy the article about Jane Fairweather featured in the current issue of Inspirations issue #109, which you can purchase a copy of HERE Inspirations Issue 109.

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