Form vs Function

2nd November 2018

Form over function or function over form is an age-old dilemma and one that gets resolved differently depending upon your personality.

For those of us who aspire to be surrounded by things we passionately love, form often wins out because the aesthetic appeal of an object will outweigh how it’s used. While the practical among us will usually choose things based on their function rather than their beauty.

But what happens when you need to produce something functional and beautiful? You must ensure it's equal parts form and function!

This week we officially launch such a publication, one that we set out to ensure was equal in its form and its function, the Inspirations Index Issues 1-100.

Our team spent hours poring over the function of the index to ensure it became the ultimate search tool for all things Inspirations and then our Graphic Designer added the form to ensure it was aesthetically pleasing.

And even if we do say so ourselves, we think we might have just achieved an index that’s equal parts form and function and we hope you’ll agree!

So, read on as we unpack the new Inspirations Index 1-100 . . .

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