Finding Yourself with Cross Stitch

5th July 2019

I’m sure we’ve all had those moments when we doubt ourselves or fear what other people will think of us. This happens even with our stitching. But in this predominantly feminine pursuit, for a man to overcome those difficulties is so much harder. As part of his new year’s resolution, Mike Reynolds decided to take up cross stitch despite its non-masculine stereotype, and during the process he ended up learning not just a new skill, but a lot about himself and masculinity in general.

Mike Reynolds with his cross stitching (source)

The pleasure Mike received from learning cross stitch increased even further when he realised how much it helped reduce his own anxiety levels. Not to mention his surprise at discovering how many of his male friends were not only accepting of his artistic expression but were even willing to give it go themselves! Upon reflection of his own experience, Mike says:

“Imagine getting to a place where men don’t evaluate an activity based on how much strength it requires but on how much happiness it brings to one’s mind?”

Image by Anita Smith from Pixabay 

Isn’t it amazing how powerful those little crosses can be?! You can read more about Mike’s journey and the positive impact stitching has had on his life and that of his family, on the HuffPost website HERE.

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