Famous for a Reason – Au Ver à Soie Threads

23rd February 2024

There is a reason why Au Ver à Soie threads are so famous. It’s not because they’ve been around since 1820. Nor it is because they are still owned and operated by the same family, now into their fifth generation. And technically it’s not even because the quality is so good.

Au Ver à Soie threads are famous because of their reputation.

Their fame is brought about by the thousands of stitchers who use their products every day, absolutely loving them and in turn telling everyone else how good they are.

Have you experienced Au Ver à Soie threads before?

If not, we have a range of different thread packs to choose from, including a discovery pack specifically created so you can experiment with five of their most popular thread types.

For those familiar with this gorgeous product, now is a great time to click the link below to see if any of your stash needs topping up!


Au Ver à Soie Threads

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