Emma Bridgewater Craft Tins

26th April 2024

We’re not sure about you, but whenever we read a headline like ‘Emma Bridgewater Craft Tins’ the first question that comes to mind is, who on earth is Emma Bridgewater?

Now, you may have already heard of Emma Bridgewater (especially if you’re from the UK) but for those who haven’t here are a few headlines:

Emma Bridgewater began in 1984, after Emma tried and failed to find a birthday present for her mum.

‘At Emma Bridgewater, we like to make things that make everyday life a little bit nicer.’

Well, that all sounds pretty good to us! If that’s what Emma Bridgewater is all about, we can get on board with that.

So, this week we’ve added a couple of her tins to our website that we think are pretty neat, could make a nice birthday present for your Mum (or yourself), but mainly we were thinking they are the perfect size to store our needlework bits and pieces.

We hope you like them too!


Emma Bridgewater Tin – Crafting Large


Emma Bridgewater Tin – Crafting Small

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