Emillie Ferris’ Paint with Thread

14th July 2023

Keeping up with our favourite designers and their latest ventures and creations never ceases to intrigue us, which is one of the many reasons we’re so excited about Emillie Ferris’ book Paint with Thread.

One of Emillie’s projects, Helena Gum Moth, featured on the cover of Inspirations issue #109, and we’re thrilled to carry her very first book.

Emillie’s unique odes to nature, are beautifully told through the eye of her needle and thread.

Taking inspiration from some of her favourite elements of the natural world, Emillie’s threadpainted masterpieces feature a fun and artistic twist to the flora and fauna focal points of her designs.

Each project featured in the book is intricately rich in detail, yet striking and playful in appearance. Including step-by-step instructions showing each stage of the process, her designs can be easily recreated by embroidery amateurs and experts alike.

Available to purchase on our website using the link below, this book is the perfect inspiration for your next project.

Paint with Thread

Emillie Ferris
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