Embroidered Ultrasound

14th May 2021

One of the most magical moments in life is that instant when a grainy image of a new baby appears on the screen in the ultrasound room. For new parents, this is the first vision of their child and for most, it is a moment to remember forever.

However, Nathan Edge couldn’t experience the pleasure of seeing his first child as he has been blind since he was 7 years old. Realising how much he was missing out on, a close friend, Deb Fisher, took the resulting image and embroidered it so that Nathan could finally ‘see’ his child through touch.

The joy he experienced through this kind gesture was probably only matched by the joy both he and his partner would have experienced when their baby was finally born. What an incredible gift to bestow through the simple act of pulling thread through fabric.

If you would like to read more about this inspiring story, you can do so HERE.

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