Embroidered Panel Display Box – Daisy

17th February 2023

With the countless number of projects each of us stitch over the course of our needlework journey, it’s inevitable that eventually we encounter that age old dilemma of running out of space and/or ways to display our finished pieces. 

So whenever we hear of an innovative or unique way to showcase our work, we’re always eager to find out more.

When designer Margaret Lee created her beautifully stitched panel ‘Lotus’ it acted as a catalyst for her to seek out a solution to display, not only this piece, but more of her designs.

The exquisite ‘Daisy’ Embroidered Panel Display Box offers just that, a unique display option for any project.

‘This box has been specifically designed and custom made to house embroidery.’

Offering a space to present any 24cm x 16cm (9 ½” x 6 ¼”) embroidered piece, this box features a quality light wood exterior, a soft olive-green interior, and a removable wooden lattice insert under the glass lid.

With an array of storage compartments, this timeless box can be endlessly refreshed with each new piece of embroidery displayed in the lid. Serving as a thoughtful gift or the perfect addition to your own home, order your Embroidered Panel Display Box today.

Embroidered Panel Display Box – Daisy

Margaret Lee
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