Elisabetta Sforza Books

27th May 2022

Elisabetta Sforza is well known for her stunning alphabet designs. Each alphabet is created using a gorgeous array of surface stitches, with each set beautifully themed.

We have all three of Elisabetta’s books in stock:

A Flower Alphabet features a gorgeous, embroidered alphabet teeming with different flowers. There are two sizes of each letter in the book so you can create a single, large monogram or form the smaller floral letters into a special phrase or name.

A Sea to Stitch offers a nautical themed alphabet with shells, seabirds and waves in a gorgeous ocean palette.

In a Wheat Field is an autumnal alphabet bursting with wheat, poppies and cornflowers.

All three books suggest different ideas for using the letters and are a go-to reference for any project or piece you wish to personalise in the most beautiful way imaginable.

Elisabetta’s brand new book ‘Rose to Rose’ has just been added to our website for you to pre-order, with our stock expected to arrive any day now. So, you’re now spoiled for choice with 4 Elisabetta Sforza books to spoil yourself with!

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