Easter Bunnies

15th April 2022

Say ‘Easter’ and almost everyone will think of chicks, eggs, chocolate and, of course, bunnies! For children, the Easter Bunny is the bringer of eggs and, more commonly nowadays, plenty of chocolate. But why is it that we associate rabbits with Easter?

The White Rabbit from Inspirations #10

The real origin of the furry messenger is somewhat mysterious, however, it is believed that he originated in Germany in the 17th century. His role was very much like Santa Claus; he carried a list and knew which children had been good or bad, and he dispensed eggs and candy to those who had made the right list.

Bunny Love from Inspirations #23

Rabbits have also been a symbol of fertility for many centuries and, along with eggs, have represented new life and new growth. In the Northern Hemisphere, Easter falls around the same time as the start of Spring, with all of the new life it brings.

Wherever the Easter Bunny came from, at Easter time many of us want to get our needles out and embroider bunnies!

It seems like the perfect way to mark the season. Luckily, there are hundreds of rabbit patterns available, so we encourage you to choose one of them and really get into the Easter spirit.

Enchanted Forest from Inspirations #95

If you’re looking for inspiration, we have featured plenty of rabbit projects in Inspirations magazine over the years. We’ve listed a few for you, but there are more to choose from. You’re sure to discover the perfect Easter bunny to stitch for this wonderful time of year.

Take a look at:

The White Rabbit by Elina Akselrod from Inspirations issue #10

Bunny Love by Jenny McWhinney from Inspirations issue #23

Enchanted Forest by Zinaida Kazban from Inspirations issue #95Gillian by Maria del Valle Olivera from Inspirations issue #97

Gillian from Inspirations #97

These are just a few of the bunnies we have available for you to stitch this Easter season. If you do decide to stitch an Easter rabbit, we’d love to see your work. In the meantime, it is one time of the year when the chocolate calories just don’t matter, so let us wish you all a happy and delicious Easter!

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