Dream Small

4th October 2019

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been encouraged to dream big throughout your life, to have a vision bigger than what you currently see around you. Something that will act as a platform for growth and success so you can achieve great things with the time, talents and treasures found within each of us.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with this, as our dreams will have inspired us to reach further than we thought possible, sometimes the size of our dreams and what it will take to get there can feel somewhat overwhelming and leave us thinking we’re a little under equipped to get there!

The other day we were challenged by the lyrics of a song to consider a paradigm shift in the way we think about dreams. Josh Wilson’s song, by the same name as the challenge it presented, dared us to dream small.

At first glance we wondered about the benefits of such a shift in thinking, but as the song went on, we began to appreciate the message it proclaimed. It speaks of simple, everyday moments when we connect with those around us in seemingly small ways that can in fact change the world. It’s not about having to do it all, just being of use wherever we are.

Spending quality time with family, visiting the widow down the street or finding little ways where only we can help because after all, ‘a tiny rock can make a giant fall, so dream small.’

We look forward to hearing the ways in which you dream small…

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