DMC Diamant Threads Tin

29th October 2021

The British magpie is a bird that seems to have a penchant for shiny things. It is attracted to anything from a piece of aluminium foil to a sparkly piece of jewellery, spiriting the treasure away to its nest.

This is why we so often hear stitchers say that they are ‘magpies’. It is very difficult to resist something sparkly, especially when it comes to threads!

We totally understand this love of shiny things, so we have put together an exclusive pack of the sparkliest DMC threads we could find.

The Diamant series is a range of metallic threads wound onto spools in a rainbow of colours. They are flexible and easy to stitch with and are suitable for both counted and surface projects. Best of all, they add a level of bling to your work unmatched by any other range.

To make this collection even more special, we are selling them packaged in an exclusive tin to ensure tidy storage. We’re sure there are going to be plenty of gasps of delight when you lift the lid off this tin and discover the treasures inside. 

Whether your project calls for metallics, or whether you simply want to add some extra sparkle to your work, the DMC Diamant Threads Tin is a perfect gift for yourself or a needlework fan in your life.

DMC Diamant Threads Tin

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