3rd May 2019

Depending on how its framed, the idea of diversity can either be inclusive or divisive. Usually the concept of diversity is most often talked about when it comes to the ‘big’ issues in life – race, religion, gender and age. But what about our stitching diversity? Are we open to celebrating the diversity in the world of stitching or are we holding on tight to what we believe is the one and only ‘right’ way to stitch?!

At Inspirations we love that each individual stitch and stitcher is unique and think it’s important to not only recognize, but also celebrate, the individual differences in each.

This week’s issue of All Stitched Up! is a great example of how diverse the world of stitching is as our two featured projects couldn’t sit further from each other on the spectrum of tradition! From the rich practice of Mountmellick right through to Julie Kniedl’s contemporary three-dimensional embroidery, we’ve got both ends of the spectrum covered.

Join us as we celebrate the incredibly diverse world of needle and thread and the many possibilities that lie within…

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