24th August 2018

Are you a big picture thinker or detail-oriented?

Big picture thinkers tend to be right brained creatives who are able to cast vision, while detail-oriented thinkers are often left brained, focusing on the minutiae.

Whilst most of us would naturally lean toward one of the two, there are times in our lives that call on us to be a little of each and sometimes both at the same time!

Over the past couple weeks, the Inspirations Team have been immersed in photography for Inspirations #101 as well as a new book that is scheduled for release early 2019.

Once the projects have been chosen and the location set – the ‘big picture’ – it’s time for the details. Sourcing props that complement each of the projects. Finding that just right spot on location. Then pouring over each element on screen to ensure that each photo is as close to perfect as we can possibly get it.

Sometimes it’s the smallest tweak of colour, lighting or position that make the biggest difference to the end result and that’s when we realise it’s all about the details! Yet, to arrive at that point, there had to be a big picture creative who cast vision over the project as a whole.

We’re thankful that the Inspirations Team is a fabulous mix of both big picture and detail-oriented thinkers and rarely do any of us have to try and be both at any given time.

What about you? Do you relish the creative or find comfort in the minutiae?

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