17th May 2019

Have you ever noticed that when something piques your interest, suddenly you notice it everywhere? You seem to be surrounded by it when beforehand it’d barely seemed noticeable. We’re just wondering… does this phenomenon have a name?!

Whatever it may be called, we’re sure you’ve all experienced it – you buy a new car and suddenly it seems as if every second car on the road is the same make and model.

Do you know what we’ve also noticed? The same phenomenon exists with stitching!

It would seem that once the stitching bug has bitten, it’s often the stitched details we notice rather than the larger ‘story’ surrounding them.

For instance, when we toured the National Wine Centre in Adelaide to ensure it was a suitable venue for the Beating Around the Bush Home Town Tour last year, instead of taking in the amazing surrounds of the Barrel Room, we found ourselves absorbed with the tapestry fabric that’s been used to cover two seats; rich in design, colour and detail.

We watched the movie Brooklyn and instead of concentrating on the dialogue, we found ourselves focused on a subtle, but beautifully stitched needlepoint cushion placed ever so thoughtfully on a bed in the scene. Or, we walk into a fashion retailer and find it’s the embroidered pieces that capture our attention, whilst the rest of their collection pales into insignificance.

Are we the only ones who do this or do you find yourself doing the same thing?! Email us at with the details forged from needle and thread that stand out to you above all else. Oh, and if you happen to know if there’s a name for this phenomenon, we’d love to hear from you too!

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