21st February 2020

It’s been an unusually rough start to the year in many parts of the world, with two of the more significant events occurring in Australia and China.

It would have been hard to avoid the news as it spoke of the bushfires that swept across Australia and then declared the outbreak of the coronavirus in China.

Whilst events such as these can leave us feeling somewhat unsettled, the passage of time often reveals a silver lining in the clouds they create.

For us, the silver lining has been the sense of community that’s come to the fore.

We’ve seen Australians from all walks of life give what they can to those who suffered devasting losses in the recent bushfires, aiming to support not only their immediate needs, but also their long-term recovery.

Whilst in China, the mandatory lockdown to prevent further spread of the coronavirus, saw the citizens of Wuhan shouting ‘Wuhan Jiayou’ from their windows as they declared in solidarity, ‘Stay strong Wuhan.’

Whilst there’s much that can divide us, both instances were a timely reminder that it’s the simple connection of shared experience that has the power to create community if we allow it.

We love that the Inspirations Community has allowed the shared passion of needle and thread to unite us, no matter the ‘distance’ that separates us religiously, politically, economically, culturally or geographically. 

We value community and thank you for being a part of ours…

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