6th July 2018

Colour – we wear it, we decorate with it and we stitch with it.

Most of us have our go-to colours. Colours we gravitate toward because they make us feel comfortable and more like our ourselves. For some they will be bright and bold while for others they will be subdued and muted.

Studies have shown that colour can affect our moods as it communicates through its various hues.

Did you know that yellow is associated with happiness and blue with peace? Green can bring about a sense of stillness whilst white speaks of cleanliness. Black is often used to represent the unknown while confidence is displayed through red.

 If we took a moment to look back through our stitching, we wonder if it’s possible to mark our moods through the colour of our pieces. Is it possible we found a connection with a particular colourway when we chose each piece we’ve stitched? Or maybe we choose something because the colours used were the exact opposite of how we were feeling and somehow we knew, albeit subconsciously, that they would help propel us toward another disposition?

Whatever the case and whatever your mood, this week’s All Stitched Up! celebrates colour – from the bright whimsy of children’s pillowcases in ‘Stitch It Forward’ to the monochromatic elegance of our featured project ‘Purple Iris’ right through to the bursts of colour we found in our ‘What Are You Stitching?’ files – this issue has colour well and truly stitched up!

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