Cohana Japanese Range

4th February 2022

Some of you may have undertaken the annual ‘spring clean’ over the Christmas break. With a bit of time on your hands, you may have gone through your stitching stash, getting rid of your old tired, poor-quality items and tidying everything up to make way for the new.

If that’s you, we have the perfect product range to consider.

Cohana embroidery tools are finely crafted in Japan and are made to be durable, long lasting and simply gorgeous.

They include pins, tape measures, mini-scissors and magnetic spools, all essential items for your embroidery kit. You can browse through our range of Cohana accessories on the website where you’ll find an assortment of different colours so you can coordinate your kit with fine, Japanese crafted products.

Whether it’s out with the old, in with the new, or simply more of the finest tools on the market, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your Cohana products each and every time you use them.

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