Clover Ring Thimble & Thread Cutter Pendant

7th April 2023

We’re always on the look-out for ways to help our community of stitchers and this week we are excited to share a new product that’s recently been added to our website, thanks to a recommendation from a fellow reader of this newsletter.

The Clover adjustable ring thimble is the perfect solution for anyone who finds regular thimbles a little too restrictive.

Adjustable to suit any size finger, suitable for working with needles thin or thick, and as it’s a ring rather than a finger topper, it is more subtle and unobtrusive.

It comes highly recommended as a fantastic alternative to a traditional thimble and we think it’s a great example of how sometimes it’s the small and simple solutions that can make the biggest difference.

N0w, while we’re talking about Clover products, another elegant solution in their range is their pendant thread cutter.

This handy thread cutter has been so beautifully designed, we have it on good authority many stitchers wear them as a pendant not only while they’re stitching, but also as decorative jewellery!

As pretty as it is practical, it can be worn around your neck or attached to a string, so you’ll always know where it is.

Does it feel like you’ve seen this thread cutter before? That’s probably because you have! Carolyn Pearce incorporated this exact accessory into her project Home Sweet Home.

Both these handy tools are now available on our website via the links below.


Clover Adjustable Ring Thimble


Clover Thread Cutter Pendant – Antique Gold

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