Celebrating 30 Issues of Loose Threads

18th June 2021

Subscribers and readers of Inspirations Magazine will undoubtedly be aware of Ansie van der Walt. Ansie has been part of the Inspirations team as a writer/article contributor for many years. As well as being responsible for bringing us some of the most fascinating front page articles included in the magazine, Ansie also writes the Loose Threads segment where, in every issue, she shares her own thoughts and experiences on the subject of needlework.

Would you believe it, but Inspirations issue #110 contains Ansie’s 30th Loose Threads contribution! For the past seven and a half years, she has been entertaining us, giving us things to think about, and sharing her wonderful ideas and musings. That final segment always closes off the magazine with a wonderfully warm, comfortable glow.

We know everyone loves this section, but are there any Loose Threads that have really resonated with you? Was there a particular article that made you feel like Ansie was talking directly to you, or understood an experience you have had precisely? We’d love to hear from our All Stitched Up! readers about their love of Loose Threads and, indeed, any of Ansie’s writing to date.

From all of us here at Inspirations HQ and on behalf of the loyal readers of Loose Threads, we wanted to say congratulations to Ansie for her 30th piece. We’re looking forward to reading the next 30 in the coming years.


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