Celebrating 100 Issues

25th January 2019

Picking up where we left off last year, we’re continuing to celebrate 100 issues of Inspirations Magazine and this week we’re sharing Diane Hendra’s stitching journey with you…

I have all issues of Inspirations Magazine. I’m a basic embroiderer and have dressed porcelain dolls since 1980. I have also made baby blankets for my grandchildren using patterns and following the stitching guides in your magazine. I had my Inspirations Magazine on order from a local newsagency for many years, but then my husband John used to give me an annual subscription for Christmas, so I think you would definitely say that I can identify myself as a foundation member!’

‘I use the magazine to make Christmas presents for friends and when I was President of the Bannockburn Bowls Club, I embroidered forty pincushions as thank you gifts. I treasure my magazines and look forward to each new issue, all of which contain the most amazing embroidery one could ever hope to see!’

Diane, we appreciate your support since issue #01 and for taking the time to share your Inspirations collection and needlework journey with us. Thank you for including us – it’s been an absolute pleasure to share the journey with you!

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