Celebrating 100 Issues

7th December 2018

As we continue to celebrate 100 issues of Inspirations Magazine, this week we hear from another of our Foundation Members about their journey with Inspirations and how there really is a silver lining in every cloud…

Claudine Lecat

‘It was 25th February 1996 and we were celebrating my husband’s 60th birthday. We were on a three-week trip from France through New Zealand and Australia when I fell on the pavement. My leg was injured very badly and the doctor at the hotel sent me to hospital where I had to stay for a few days. He also told me that just like me, his wife loved embroidery and that she would be happy to come and visit while I was in hospital.

I accepted this kind offer and she arrived at the hospital with a wonderful gift - Inspirations Magazine!

Upon my return to France I immediately took out a subscription and bought the magazines I was missing from Issue #01. I am now 81 and still love Inspirations. I always remember that because of my fall, I may not have been able to go with my husband to Ayers Rock, but I found a love for your magazine that probably exceeds the size of it! Claudine Lecat.’

Claudine, we love that Inspirations became the silver lining to an unfortunately timed fall and we owe thanks to the lady who introduced you to the magazine through her kindness and generosity.

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