Celebrating 100 Issues

30th November 2018

This week it’s Lesley Grady’s story of her journey with Inspirations that is helping us to celebrate 100 issues of Inspirations Magazine…

‘Congratulations on reaching your 100th issue! I first saw Issue #4 of Inspirations and have been collecting ever since, gathering the back copies and some related publications along the way.

 When I recently did my Inspirations’ stock take, I found that Issue #73 had been mislaid so have been searching the house for it. Luckily, it was featured in All Stitched Up! so have ordered another copy of it just in case!

Thank you for continuing to produce such an outstanding and beautiful magazine.

It has the added cachet of being South Australian, something that we Aussies can be very proud of! Although I have managed to complete a few projects over the years, I’m afraid my UFOs outnumber them.’

‘I have often spent a rainy-day poring over the contents of my collection and while I may never achieve the standard of the wonderful items that I see in each issue, I was so proud that you included my photos from ‘Magic on the Mekong’ in Issue #86. It was a memorable holiday and experience and I hope that can I repeat it again one day. Best wishes to you all, Lesley.’

Lesley, it was an absolute pleasure to host you on the Mekong and we appreciate you being part of the Inspirations ‘family’ for all these years.

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