Celebrating 100 Issues

16th November 2018

As we continue to celebrate 100 issues, this week we share another of our Foundation Members’ stories about her journey with needle and thread and Inspirations…

Liz Shanks

‘After receiving Inspirations #95 and reading that you would like original subscribers to contact you, I had to really sit back and think what I was going to say! I am an original subscriber, have all the magazines and treasure each one dearly. I use Inspirations as a reference, a source of inspiration, a go-to read and just for the sheer enjoyment of sharing in what other fellow stitchers have achieved.

Since Issue #1 I have gone from being in full time employment, the busy mother of five boys with a doting husband as well as helping to run a family business to wait for it… a retired grandmother of nine who can now suit herself as to what and when she does it!

My husband doesn’t care what we eat or when as he too has a hobby, so as soon as the bed is made and the kitchen clean, I get straight back to stitching! Each grandchild has provided me with the ability to stitch birth samplers, baby rugs and clothes, always knowing they are well used and valued.

We’ve had many weddings, baptisms and birthdays over the years and they always give me another opportunity to create for a purpose and for the love of the recipient. We have also known tragedy and in those darkest of times in the middle of another sleepless night, there is always the constant that is your needlework.

The rhythm and solitude console the spirit and just for a while there is peace.

I thank every designer and contributor who may not get publicly acknowledged when our new treasure gets delivered every quarter.’

Liz, we love that you’re in a season of life that affords you the luxury of stitching whenever you want to and have a husband who supports you in your pursuit of all things needle and thread!

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