Cats in Fur Hats

11th October 2019

Social media is all about silly cat videos, right? Well, we have to admit, we did laugh out loud when we saw this.

Japanese couple Ryo and Hiromo Yamazaki, cat lovers and talented felters, have decided to recycle the mountain of cat fur produced by their feline family and use it to create an interesting new line of fashion for cats.

These custom-made hats for cats have become increasingly intricate and even a little eccentric over the years – perhaps a little too much judging by the look on the cat’s face!

However, the nonplussed look is actually more to do with their breed - Scottish Folds - than their inventive attire.

Unspeakably and undeniable cute, but we do wonder what is going through the minds of these furry creatures as they pose for their owners. Kitty fur couture, anyone?

You can read more about these fabulous felines and their furry hats on the Colossal website HERE.

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