Cascade House Threads

4th February 2022

At Inspirations we love bringing you the finest threads on the market, to ensure that you have the best possible stitching experience. One company that well and truly fits the bill is Cascade House.

Robyn from Cascade House (source)

Cascade House produces some of the softest silk you’ll ever work with, in a dazzling range of hand-dyed colours. The company also produces ribbon, crewel wool and pearl silk, all in the most exquisite shades imaginable.

Cascade House have been producing hand-dyed embroidery threads since 1994. Robyn, the proprietor, has perfected her art so well that she can produce colours from her extensive knowledge alone, without having to resort to lists, records or colour charts. It just speaks to her skill and experience, particularly when you consider how many incredible colours she produces.

Sorbet thread pack

We’re stocking two packs of luxurious stranded silk with each pack containing five gorgeous colours. The first is ‘Sorbet’ with five pastel shades.

Macaron thread pack

The second is ‘Macaron’ containing a range of delicious threads that will work with any project. 

These packs are a perfect introduction to Cascade House silks, and we’re confident that once you’ve stitched with them, you’ll be looking for more.

Why not try out one of these packs today, or better still, why not try both? You deserve to stitch with the best, and once you have, you simply won’t want to go back.

Cascade House Thread Pack – Macaron

Cascade House
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Cascade House Thread Pack – Sorbet

Cascade House
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