Cakes? Or Rugs?

12th November 2021

You’ve heard of textile artists creating food out of fabric and thread, but what about creating fabric and thread out of food? Alana Jones-Mann, a talented baker from the USA, has been creating the textures of rugs and other textiles using various colours of fondant icing.

Alana uses an array of colours for her creations, but what really sets them apart is their amazing texture. At first glance, her cake looks for all the world like it is covered in carpet, or raffia or some other kind of textile. But a closer look reveals that these mouth-watering works of art are actually perfectly edible.

Alana says she finds the process of icing a new cake both creative and meditative. She loves to push the limits on what can be done with icing and is currently working on creative cakes that appear to be iced with embroidery.

It’s a perfect pairing, because if there is one thing that goes nicely with an afternoon of stitching, it is a lovely piece of cake and a cup of tea!

You can read more about Alana HERE.

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