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31st January 2020

When the book ‘Botanica | The Three-Dimensional Embroidery of Julie Kniedl’ was released, the stunning creativity and realism of Julie’s work captured the imagination of stitchers the world over.

A masterclass in stitched realism…

The popularity of her work is undeniable – we’re continually receiving photos from readers proudly showing us their bowls full of stitched fruit and amazing displays of floral arrangements, all created with needle and thread thanks to Julie’s easy to follow step-by-step book.

If you’re wondering what design to stitch next or are yet to try one of these remarkable projects, we still have a range of Ready-to-Stitch kits from the book available to purchase from our website.


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Oh, and if you are yet to feast your eyes upon the beauty and wonder of this amazing book firsthand, deny yourself no longer… purchase your copy below today!

Botanica | The three-dimensional embroidery of Julie Kniedl

Julie Kniedl
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