Blanketing Now Online

26th February 2021

Inspirations has been publishing the world’s most beautiful embroidered blanket patterns from the very beginning, and today have one of the largest catalogues of needlework blanket designs available.

The question we often receive however, is where can one buy the blanketing material?

The good news is that as of today we can answer that question easily for you… from our website!

We are now stocking cut pieces of cashmere blanketing, sized perfectly for the majority of patterns published in Inspirations magazine and books.

Our cashmere blanketing is available in five different colours: cream; camel; baby pink; baby blue and navy blue. These gorgeous pieces are 15% cashmere and 85% wool and are so soft, even the most sensitive baby will be comforted.

Wool Cashmere Colour Range

Additionally, we also stock heavy doctor’s flannel in cream. These pieces are as warm as toast and are just perfect for cot blankets and lap blankets alike.

So now is the perfect time to revisit all those patterns you’ve loved but were unable to stitch as you didn’t have access to the blanketing. Click below to let the embroidered blanket boom begin!

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