Birds in Hoops

6th May 2022

Threadpainting often results in highly realistic embroidered images. Textile artist Beth Carroll wanted even more realism, so when she started stitching, she chose a diaphanous tulle as her base fabric. 

Beth, an Australian-born artist who now lives in Ireland, has translated her passion for birds into a series of pieces so lifelike, it looks as if her subjects have just fluttered down and perched on the hoop.

The delicate process of stitching and then carefully trimming the tulle around the freestanding tail feathers takes precision, but when the piece is finished, each bird is bursting with character. Beth sometimes even adds barbed wire or real twigs for the birds to perch on, making her creatures truly come to life.

If you’d like to read more about Beth Carroll and her work, you can do so HERE. She also has a website and an Instagram page so you can see more of her beautiful art and embroidery.

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