Bigger & Brighter!

5th April 2024

If you ever find yourself straining to see what you’re working on, we’d like to suggest you go bigger and brighter…

Using a magnifier can make a HUGE difference when it comes to stitching. As does ensuring that whatever you’re working on is well lit.

That’s why most stitchers have a magnifying lamp handy while they work, and the Triumph Zoom LED Desktop Lamp has been specifically designed for that exact task – it makes everything bigger and brighter!

You want big? It’s got it… three times as big in fact, with a quality built-in 3x magnifier and cover.

You need bright? It’s got it… with 56 powerful LED’s of bright and three colour temperature settings.

Not only does the Triumph Zoom Lamp help you go bigger and brighter, it also helps you go anywhere, with a traveller friendly power supply that is compatible with the voltage in just about any country.*

Click below to make your needlework bigger and brighter.


Zoom LED Desktop Magnifying Lamp – White

*Unit ships with a 2-pronged angled pin plug, all you need are the adapters to suit your local or travel destination power plug type.

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