Berry Glass Headed Pinwheel

10th December 2021

We’re sure that everyone is familiar with the classic pinwheel – a circular storage wheel, studded around the outside with pins. It is a great way to store pins and be able to access them easily without any wayward points getting embedded into fingers!

While as a needlework fraternity, we are experts at creating the most ornate and elaborate homes for our pins and needles, sometimes you just need a good old-fashioned pinwheel at your disposal.

This week we have added to our website for the first time Berry Glass Headed Pinwheels.

These pins are sharp, durable, heat-resistant, straight and easily inserted into or removed from fabric. Each pinwheel contains 40 pins in a rainbow of colours, with generously sized glass heads so they are easy to see and grab when needed.

These colourful pinwheels are perfect for every stitching kit… after all, you really can never have too many pins!

Berry Glass-head Pins – Assorted

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