Be Charmed with the Most Charming of Charms

21st October 2022

Within the needlework ecosystem, we are immensely blessed to have manufacturers and suppliers the world over, who create the finest of materials for us to work with.

The flow on effect of this means, as any chef will attest, the better the ingredients, the better the end result. And as our books and magazines attest, there are some stunning needlework designs birthed from the use of some amazing materials.   

When it comes to charms, Susan Clarke Originals are the best of the best.

Based in California, Susan Clarke is an artist, designer and painter of uncommon charms.

It’s by no coincidence that whenever we publish an embroidery project that features charms, inevitably the needlework designer has specially sought out and used a Susan Clarke Original.

Be it part of the story telling, a cheeky hidden surprise, or an embellishment akin to the icing on a cake, Susan Clarke Original charms have been enhancing embroidery designs for over 35 years.

With a selection of these gorgeous charms now available on our website, we challenge you to do your best and only buy one!

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