BATB 2022 | Update

1st October 2021

Beating Around the Bush 2022 has been a hot topic of discussion at Inspirations HQ of late. With the catalogue scheduled to be released this month, we’ve reached an important decision point as to whether the event can proceed as planned.

Having held our last convention in 2018, then with both the 2020 and 2021 events cancelled, we’ve all been pinning our hopes that BATB 2022 would finally be our much-anticipated return.

And yet, as we type this newsletter, almost half of the Australian population is in lockdown, our international borders remain closed and as a country, we are yet to establish a sustainable management plan for COVID-19 moving forward. 

Additionally, with all public events here in Adelaide currently subject to attendance caps, minimum social distancing requirements, limitations with food service options and mandatory face masks, even if we could proceed with an international needlework convention in these uncertain times, it would be quite a different experience to that which we are accustomed.

We share all of this with you to help give context to our decision to regretfully postpone Beating Around the Bush 2022 & beyond… for now!

We believe the most prudent approach at present is to wait until Australia has found its way into a new normal and then re-assess how best to bring BATB back in whatever format is possible at the time.

While we all agree this is a terribly disappointing outcome, we are exploring other ways of getting our needlework community together, which we hope to share with you in due course.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has supported this event, we look forward to being in contact again as soon as we know more about our future plans. 

Kristian & Andrea Fleming
Inspirations Studios

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