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12th February 2021

Shades of Glazig – Soie Perlée

It would not be hyperbole to suggest that some of the finest threads in the world are produced by Au Ver a Soie in France. Their stunning silks, in the most breathtaking array of colours, have been perfected over more than 200 years since the company first started.

The result is a stitching experience like no other every time you thread one of these silks into your needle.

Au Ver a Soie produce a range of magnificent threads and we are thrilled to be releasing a selection of them over the coming weeks and months.

To help get started, we thought it would be handy for us all to take a refresher course in the names and thread types Au Ver a Soie offer. Here is an overview:

Soie d’Alger = spun silk thread, stranded (7 strands)
Soie de Paris = filament silk thread, stranded (6 strands)
Soie Gobelins = filament silk thread, 2 ply non-divisible
Soie Perlée = filament silk thread, 3 ply non-divisible
Metallise Tressé = braided thread with metallic appearance

To whet your appetite, we’re proud to bring you three different gift boxes of Soie Perlée filament silk. Each box contains 6 colours wound onto the most adorable wooden bobbins you have ever seen. 

Shades of Summer – Soie Perlée

We have stocked the Shades of Summer and Shades of Pastel collections before, and we’re really thrilled to have them back in stock. Plus this time we also have the gorgeous new Shades of Glazig collection available which, we can’t help but admit, is definitely our new favourite!

Shades of Pastel – Soie Perlée

It is time to spoil yourself with the Rolls Royce of silks. With limited stocks of these unique collections on hand, act now to avoid disappointment.

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