Au Ver à Soie Threads | Soie de Paris

12th March 2021

This week we have yet more decant treats for you from France with another release of Au Ver à Soie threads, this time from the Soie de Paris range, which are stranded (6 strands) filament silk threads.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of stitching with silk, you’re sure to love their Soie de Paris range.

When working with premium silk threads such as Au Ver à Soie, there is a distinct difference in feel as you glide the threads through the needle and through the fabric.

The action is so seamless you can’t help but feel a frisson of pleasure each time you take a stitch.

Today we’re releasing two different colour selections for you to enjoy, The Soie de Paris Shades of Flashy pack which contains six bright and bold colours, including lemon yellow and a burgundy as rich as a fine red wine.

Soie de Paris| Shades of Flashy

Plus, The Shades of Pastel containing shimmering pastels including soft peach, baby blue and a pale violet.

Soie de Paris| Shades of Pastel

Spoil yourself with one or both of these packs, for a stitching experience like no other.

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