Au Ver a Soie Threads | Metallise Tressé

19th February 2021

It’s always the right time to add a bit of sparkle!

Au Ver a Soie threads are arguably some of the finest in the world, and come in a delicious range of colours, textures and fibres.

Known for their exquisite silks, Au Ver a Soie also produce a fabulous range of metallic threads.

Metallise Tressé are a range of delicately fine metallic braids that can be used as blending filament, in hand embroidery or even in machine embroidery and will provide a level of sparkle unmatched anywhere else.

This week we’re launching on our website two Metallise Tressé collections. 

Metallise Tressé | Shades of Vibrant

Shades of Vibrant includes rich rainbow colours and Shades of Pastel includes the softest and subtlest of pale colours shot through with eye catching shine.

Metallise Tressé | Shades of Pastel

Just imagine what you could do with these gorgeous threads! We can’t think of a better way to give your project a touch of je ne sais quoi…

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