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26th March 2021

If you’ve been reading about all of the gorgeous Au Ver à Soie products we have available over the past few weeks, but you found yourself wondering which one to choose, we have just the solution for you.

Au Ver à Soie produces some of the finest silk threads in the world and are suitable for all types of needlework applications. Their range of threads include:

Soie d’Alger = spun silk thread, stranded (7 strands)

Soie de Paris = filament silk thread, stranded (6 strands)

Soie Gobelins = filament silk thread, 2 ply non-divisible

Soie Perlée = filament silk thread, 3 ply non-divisible

Metallise Tressé = braided thread with metallic appearance

If you’re not sure which thread will work with what, or would like to experiment with a few first, then our Discovery Packs are exactly what you need. 

This week we are pleased to announce we have the Au Ver à Soie Discovery Packs back in stock, plus the arrival of a brand-new colour option – Glazig.

Spring Discovery Pack includes a range of soft pastel colours, with a fabulous Metallise Tressé in a subtle rainbow sparkle.

Glazig Discovery Pack is bursting with bright vivid colours, including orange and blue and a glorious sparkling pink.

Once you’ve experienced these fabulous threads, you’ll never want to use anything else. Order your discovery pack today for a stitching experience like no other.

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