Animated Embroidery

5th November 2021

We’ve often reviewed needlework artists who combine embroidery with all kinds of things, from street art to items from nature. But it is a rare embroiderer who can combine their needlework skills with an ability to create film.

A still shot from one of Huw Messie’s films (source)

Huw Messie states that he creates ‘algorithmic textiles.’ What that means is that he uses machine embroidered images to create movies that express simple and powerful ideas. Often his messages relate to how humans are trapped in an endless machine, unravelling themselves in the process of trying to keep up. His videos are mesmerising and impactful, and very, very clever.

It is worth watching some of these mini works of video art on his Instagram page to marvel at both the talent and creativity of this man. You can also read a little more about Huw and his work HERE.

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