An Engineering and Needlwork Storage Marvel

5th April 2024

After falling in love with our Milward cantilever storage box here at the Inspirations office, we decided to do some research into the word cantilever. Here is one description we found on the internet:  

Cantilevers are designed to withstand bending moments and shear forces. Engineers carefully calculate the dimensions and materials of a cantilevered structure to ensure it can support the anticipated loads safely.

Hmmm… that got us pondering what ‘bending moments’, ‘shear forces’ and ‘anticipated loads’ our Milward storage box was subjected to during its manufacturing process.

Anyone would think that needlework was a rather energetic and vigorous activity, complete with the need to bear large amounts of heavy materials!

We’re not sure what stitching looks like in your household (high intensity needlework anyone?), or how large and heavy your stash is, but it sounds like the Milward cantilever storage box is up for the challenge.

Click below to order your engineering and needlework storage marvel today.


Wooden Cantilever Craft Box

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