19th February 2021

Based in Cardigan Bay in Wales, DO Lectures is an ideas sharing event that has recently released a series of podcasts. The premise behind the podcasts is that Gav Thompson converses with people about how they have achieved their level of success, along the way also uncovering some of the ‘despites’ they have had to overcome to get there.

It was whilst listening to one of these podcasts we heard a quote that got us thinking.

‘Even the guy driving the Porsche has a story.’

The podcast unpacked the idea that no matter the level of success we see from the outside, there’s always a back story, a struggle behind the scenes we may not know about.

In terms of our time with needle and thread, this idea also rings true.  

All too often we see a finished piece of stitching and envy the ease with which it was created, without understanding the ‘despites’ that have been overcome to get there. There may have been a physical limitation in terms of sight or dexterity that had to be accommodated throughout the process, a shortage of materials that meant significant substitutions were made along the way, perhaps an unpicking or two or even a start-over when a mistake rendered the progress untenable! 

It even comes down to the number of hours spent with needle and thread before the success is seen that need to be taken into account.

You see, it can be all too easy to see other people’s successes and compare them against the ‘despites’ of our own we know all too well and feel like we don’t measure up. However, the name of the podcast we’ve been referring to is ‘Being Amazing Despite…’ and it’s a reminder that no matter the difficulties or obstacles we face, we can indeed be amazing despite them. All the while ensuring we remember the amazing we see in others comes with a despite we may not be aware of.

How will you be amazing despite… today?

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