Adjustable Nurge Hoop Stem

29th September 2023

The Nurge Hoop Stem is here to help revolutionise how you use seat paddles and floor stands.

If your current system only allows you to use the hoop it came with, you can now have the flexibility to affix any embroidery hoop you like!

The Nurge Hoop Stem is compatible with both seat paddles and floor stands and is able to accommodate almost any type or size of hoop.

The way it works is, you remove the existing fixed hoop from your stand and in its place insert the Nurge Hoop Stem.

The stem has an adjustable clamp on the end that gives you the flexibility of easily attaching hoops in a range of different diameters and depths.

The other benefit is you can also easily switch between projects as you interchange as many hoops as you like, which is great for those of us who have various designs hooped up at any one time.

If you’re looking for a more versatile stitching experience, the Nurge Hoop Stem is perfect for you! Now available on our website, along with a wide range of high-quality Nurge Hoops.


Nurge Stem


Nurge Hoops

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